Week 1

Women in the Black Panther Party (PBS): In this excerpt from The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, we meet some of the women in the Black Panther Party, who did everything from fielding phone calls to delivering speeches. While the central image of the Panthers may be of males in jackets holding guns, the majority of its rank and file members were women who struggled to overcome chauvinism.

Fighting 'Erasure' by Parul Sehgal (NYTimes Mag): In this article Sehgal defines erasure and accurately captures the historical and cultural impact of erasure on older women, and people of color.

A request from your fat friend: what I need when we talk about bodies. (Medium): An article written by The Fat Shadow that confronts skinny allies who discuss bodies and body image in ways that are triggering to fat friends.

To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind (Medium): "Sometimes we’re not yet the people we need to be in order to contain the desires we have. Sometimes we have to let ourselves evolve into the place where we can allow what we want to transpire."

The Story of Messy Mya, the Tragic Voice on Beyoncé's New Track (i-D): "Before Bey takes her place on top of a submerged cop car — and in music history — we hear a voice ask: "What happened at the New Orleans?" In one line we're introduced to a central theme in the conversation Beyoncé is about to start, but also to Messy Mya — a YouTube personality who was murdered in 2010."