Defining "Drala": In the Shambhala teachings, "drala" is energy beyond aggression. It is not a god or spirit, but connecting the wisdom of your own being with the power of things as they are.

DRALA Magazine aims to explore and showcase the different ways in which artists connect with their inner wisdom and power that fuels their working process. At DRALA, we want artists to tell their stories in their own way, verbally, literally, or abstractly. We welcome submissions from artists of various or multiple disciplines. We want to hear your story. 


Ireashia Monét

I am a Chicago-based photographer, independent scholar, and multimedia artist. I use photography and image-based art to interrogate complex narratives surrounding black femme identity and expression. 

DRALA Magazine started as a college independent study project to get credit to graduate but turned into a personal passion project which blossomed as I interviewed more artists. Being in Chicago surrounded by so many talented folks inspired me to want to put together a platform where their work is celebrated and honored. 

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